College campus ecstasy sales lead to sentencing for five

| Jul 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Arizona residents can find stories about serious crimes in their state on any given day. However, the stereotype that all people accused of such crimes as hardened criminals who lead seedy lives is not necessarily true. It is equally untrue that all people accused of drug crimes or other charges are actually guilty. This is why the law provides the right for a valid defense process.

Five young men who lived in student housing operated by Arizona State University in Tempe have been arrested and sentenced for their roles in producing and selling ecstasy pills to other students. Three of the men received probation-only sentences while the other two were sentenced to some jail time followed by a probationary period. A one-year jail term was ordered for one of the men but time he spent in jail prior to his sentencing will count toward that time, reducing the number of days he has left to spend before being released and beginning his three-year probation.

The youngest participant, a 19-year old, learned of his two-year supervised probation sentence just recently in a courtroom in Phoenix but was also told that his charge could be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor if the probationary period is able to be completed without complication. Specific charges levied against the men included possession of drug paraphernalia as well as possession with intent to sell.

Persons who have been arrested for serious drug offenses may still be able to receive sentences that allow them to successfully continue their lives. Talking with an attorney may be a good way to learn how best to achieve that.

Source:, “Final two sentenced in ASU drug ring,”  Connor Wince, July 14, 2014