Man booked on multiple drug charges

| Jul 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

In Phoenix and throughout Arizona, law enforcement members can be highly vigilant when it comes to illegal drug activity. While certainly it is important for local police or sheriff offices to keep citizens safe, it is equally important that the rights of those accused of crimes are respected. This can mean many things such as ensuring that vehicles are not improperly searched or that suspects are not unfairly accused of drug crimes or other crimes.

Two people from California were recently stopped by officers from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office on their way to Oklahoma and their vehicle was searched by the officers. After reportedly smelling marijuana from the car, nearly five pounds of methamphetamines were said to be found in the automobile’s trunk. The 24-year old passenger allegedly admitted that the drugs were his and the 23-year old female driver said she was unaware that the drugs were in the trunk. Marijuana and associated paraphernalia were found in the woman’s purse.

Sheriff team members stopped the vehicle for driving without any lights on in the middle of the night. The two were heading east on I-40 at the time of the stop. The woman was released but the man was booked on different felony charges include possession of dangerous drugs, possession with intent to sell and the transportation of such drugs. It is not known how much jail time the man may face for these charges.

Getting help when facing drug crimes or other charges can be scary for many people. Talking to a private attorney, however, can sometimes help and open up opportunities for a successful defense.

Source:, “Deputies find marijuana, meth during traffic stop in Kingman,”  Jennifer Thomas, July 3, 2014