Two wrong-way drivers found on same day

| Jul 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

Phoenix area residents can be subject to a wide range of consequences if found guilty of any form of drunk or drugged driving charges. The road to conviction can be long and includes an initial DUI stop followed by a field sobriety test implementation, potential blood test and more. People charged with drunk driving understand the many challenges they must face when trying to defend themselves against such a charge.

A felony drunk driving charge can accompany other charges or traffic violations as well. Driving the wrong direction on roads or freeways is one such cause of drivers being stopped before being accused of drunk driving. The problem is so common that area driving schools are developing and offering specific instructional information to help reduce the number of instances of wrong-way driving.

A driver in Tempe driving the wrong direction was recently involved in a collision on the same day that a 25-year old woman was seen driving against the flow of traffic on I-10 in Phoenix. Police found her driving on State Route 51 after she managed to reverse her vehicle and drive in the correct direction. She was stopped by authorities and charged with a DUI. It is unknown if the Tempe driver was arrested or cited with any traffic violations. It is also unknown if the Phoenix driver spent any time in jail.

Fighting a DUI charge requires information on blood alcohol content and more. Getting the input of an experience DUI lawyer may be of benefit to persons who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Source:, “Wrong-way driver arrested for DUI,”  Jayson Chesler, June 24, 2014