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Two men found innocent of felony charges

People who face serious criminal charges in Phoenix can often be at a loss for how to appropriately defend themselves. Felonies can carry harsh consequences for convicted defendants. Whether charges are for sexual crimes, weapons crimes, burglary, aggravated assault or something else, it is important for all suspects and defendants to know that the law protects their right to a full defense.

Multiple felony charges filed against three people

Criminal activity covers a wide spectrum of things. Charges can be misdemeanors or felonies and penalties may include jail time, fines or more depending upon circumstances. For Phoenix residents who are charged with multiple crimes, the potential for serious penalties may increase, especially if at least one felony is involved. Drug crimes, weapons charges and even some vehicular crimes can fall into this category.

Border agent freed of drug charges

Arizona residents are naturally concerned about criminal activity in their state. There can be many forms of crimes about which people hear. Drug crimes can often receive a lot of press due to the proximity to the Mexican border. Not all allegations, however, are always true and the importance of a solid criminal defense against these charges cannot be underestimated.

NBA player awaiting outcome of super extreme DUI

Arizona lawmakers and law enforcement officials have worked hard over the years to make the state’s drunk driving laws and penalties some of the strongest in the nation. While it is important to maintain safety on the roads, it is equally important that people suspected of drunk driving are treated properly before, during and after any arrests. In some cases, failure on the part of officers to follow outlined procedure can open up opportunities for people who need to fight DUI charges.