NBA player awaiting outcome of super extreme DUI

| Aug 5, 2014 | Uncategorized

Arizona lawmakers and law enforcement officials have worked hard over the years to make the state’s drunk driving laws and penalties some of the strongest in the nation. While it is important to maintain safety on the roads, it is equally important that people suspected of drunk driving are treated properly before, during and after any arrests. In some cases, failure on the part of officers to follow outlined procedure can open up opportunities for people who need to fight DUI charges.

Once a person is arrested and cited for suspected felony drunk driving, it can take several months before the final outcome is known. The current case of a current Phoenix Suns player is just one example. The man faces super extreme DUI charges from an arrest made in May of 2014 but whether or not he will be convicted is unknown even at the end of July.

An officer in Scottsdale reportedly saw the man’s Mercedes drive past a stop sign without stopping and then drive in two lanes simultaneously, leading to the stop. Once stopped, the man was asked to take a breath test which resulted in a 0.201 blood alcohol content reading. A field sobriety test was also allegedly failed and a subsequent blood test indicated the true BAC was 0.222. Potential penalties for the NBA player could include up to 45 days in jail if he is found guilty of the felony drunk driving charge.

Every driver charged with drunk driving faces a unique situation. The reason for being stopped, the blood alcohol content, whether or not an accident took place and more can all affect what consequences could be levied. Working with a lawyer may be helpful in preventing unnecessary penalties for drunk driving offenses.

Source:, “Suns player P.J. Tucker accused of ‘super extreme’ DUI,”  Paul Coro, July 29, 2014