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Shoplifting charges dropped, burglary trial to continue

People in Arizona who find themselves accused of official criminal charges should first and foremost remember that no accusation guarantees a conviction. That is one of the founding principles of our country’s judicial system. Every person has the right to a full criminal defense regardless of the circumstances. As part of that defense, there can be many ways that people can successfully prevent convictions.

Understanding Arizona’s sex crime community notification law

In Arizona, a sex crime can lead to a felony charge based upon the results of an investigation. One of the penalties that results from a conviction for a sex crime charge is registration in the state’s sex offender program as outlined on the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s website. Persons deemed insane are exempt from this but all other convicted persons must abide by what is referred to as the community notification law.

Understanding Arizona’s gun laws

While our nation’s constitution guarantees each citizen the right to bear arms, each state manages the ownership of guns differently. According to HandgunLawUS.com, the state of Arizona has been governed by what is called permitless carry since July 2010. This law makes it legal to purchase and carry a gun without a permit in Arizona but that does not mean a person cannot be charged with felony possession of a weapon. Residents may opt to apply for permits and the state still issues them but they are not required.