Shoplifting charges dropped, burglary trial to continue

| Oct 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

People in Arizona who find themselves accused of official criminal charges should first and foremost remember that no accusation guarantees a conviction. That is one of the founding principles of our country’s judicial system. Every person has the right to a full criminal defense regardless of the circumstances. As part of that defense, there can be many ways that people can successfully prevent convictions.

One man in Arizona understands this very well as several charges facing him were recently dropped due to the fact that the legal statute of limitations had expired. This makes it illegal for charges to be brought against him for these specific issues. In all, seven shoplifting charges were dropped against the man. The defendant was an employee of a janitorial service at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale and both he and a coworker have been charged in the case. The man who has had shoplifting charges dropped previously played basketball with the Phoenix Suns.

While the shoplifting charges are dropped, the defendant will still go to trial in December for burglary charges in the case. The two employees together are accused of stealing nearly $5,000 worth of products such as consumer electronics, alcohol or tobacco items. It is unknown exactly what charges have been entered against each man and what the associated penalties may be if convicted.

Cases like these illustrate the many ways that our criminal defense system can work to help people accused of crimes. Obtaining legal help as soon as possible after an arrest can be helpful to defendants.

Source:, “Judge dismisses shoplifting charges vs. former Sun Dumas,” Jesse Millard, October 14, 2014