Understanding Arizona’s gun laws

While our nation’s constitution guarantees each citizen the right to bear arms, each state manages the ownership of guns differently. According to HandgunLawUS.com, the state of Arizona has been governed by what is called permitless carry since July 2010. This law makes it legal to purchase and carry a gun without a permit in Arizona but that does not mean a person cannot be charged with felony possession of a weapon. Residents may opt to apply for permits and the state still issues them but they are not required.

There remain specific guidelines about when and where people may legally possess or bring firearms. For example, if a retail establishment posts a notice banning guns from its premises, all residents are to abide by that request. Additional requirements state that only persons aged 21 years or older shall legally be able to carry weapons.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action outlines some of the detailed aspects of Arizona’s laws related to guns and allegations about illegal possession or use. Only rifles, shotguns and handguns are able to be purchased and carried by citizens. Machine guns, those weapons capable of firing more than one shot without being manually reloaded, can only be legally possessed by licensed and approved persons including military or law enforcement personnel.

Guns are banned on school grounds except when unloaded for use in specific school programs. Guns are not allowed on polling station grounds. When being transported in vehicles, guns must be secured in storage compartments, trunks, glove boxes, holsters or other such areas.

Anyone interested in possessing a gun should learn the laws that govern weapons in Arizona. Doing so can be a helpful way of avoiding unnecessary weapons charges.