Man gets criminal charges dropped for firearm possession

| Nov 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

The Constitution of the United States guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. Despite this, gun laws vary dramatically around the nation and sometimes the line between what is legal and what is illegal can be difficult to identify. Arizona residents should take the time to understand their rights and learn from the experiences of others what actions can lead to gun charges and what may not.

One such experience that offers people in Arizona a window into this began this past summer when a man was arrested for possession of a firearm in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Sources indicate the man, who works at a neurological institute, was filmed carrying a rifle over his shoulder as he walked through the airport. Possession of a weapon in the airport is not against the law but he was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly scaring other people in the airport.

The criminal charges originally filed against the defendant have recently been dropped according to reports. In exchange for having the charges dropped, the defendant is required to make a financial contribution to a youth program and participate in a firearm course approved by the National Rifle Association by next spring. Additionally, he is banned from carrying any weapon in plain view in any area airport for two years.

This story is just one example of how innocent people can suddenly be faced with serious charges. Getting help from an attorney who understands all aspects of the laws can be useful in these situations.

Source:, “Charges dropped for man who brought gun to Sky Harbor,” Agnel Philip and Tyler Fingert, November 5, 2014