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What are Arizona’s laws penalties for felonies?

Being charged with a crime regardless of the reason can be a very intimidating experience for anyone in Arizona. One thing that can be helpful for people in these situations is to understand not only the allegations but the potential penalties associated with them should a conviction result.

What are Arizona’s laws regarding drugs and school zones?

People who are charged with alleged drug crimes can be subject to serious penalties if convicted. It is important to understand Arizona’s laws regarding these allegations and convictions for anyone who finds themselves in such a situation. Many of the laws are specific to individual substances as well as to circumstances. One example is the set of laws surrounding drugs and what are called drug-free school zones.

Understanding field sobriety and chemical tests in Arizona

Arizona’s laws governing drunk driving are some of the strictest in the nation. People can be charged with felony drunk driving and forced to use ignition interlock devices after a period without any driving privileges at all, pay high fines and even spend time in jail. The penalties are varied and depend largely upon the blood alcohol content of the drivers at the times that arrests are made. Law enforcement officials are given the ability and the responsibility of determining intoxication via a series of testing methods.

Arizona drivers urged to be aware of holiday DUI crackdowns

People in Arizona should know that the laws concerning drunk driving in their state are among the strictest in the nation. That makes it important for all drivers to be aware of the procedures that are related to traffic stops in which impairment may be believed to be involved as well as the penalties that can result if convictions are achieved for a DUI offense. From the requirement to take a breath test or a blood test and more, there are many complicated facets to these situations.

Understanding vehicular crimes in Arizona

Many traffic violations can be minor and drivers may not even consider them too serious. However, that is not necessarily wise as there are some situations in which a traffic ticket can be classified as a vehicular crime in Arizona. These cases can results in harsh penalties and long-term consequences, including jail or prison time depending upon the circumstances.