What are Arizona’s laws penalties for felonies?

| Dec 30, 2014 | Uncategorized

Being charged with a crime regardless of the reason can be a very intimidating experience for anyone in Arizona. One thing that can be helpful for people in these situations is to understand not only the allegations but the potential penalties associated with them should a conviction result.

The Arizona State Legislature outlines the basic consequences for the five classifications of felonies in Arizona. Felonies are considered the most serious types of crimes while misdemeanors are generally looked upon as lesser offenses. A Class 6 felony charge is the least severe of all felonies and the minimum and maximum imprisonment terms for different charges include the following:

  • A Class 6 felony can result in between six months and 18 months in jail.
  • A Class 5 felony can result in between nine months and 24 months in jail.
  • A Class 4 felony can result in between 18 months and 36 months in jail.
  • A Class 3 felony can result in between two and a half years and seven years in jail.
  • A Class 2 felony can result in between four years and ten years in jail.

For crimes deemed as aggravated, the sentences can be longer, up to 12.5 years for a Class 2 aggravated felony conviction, up to 8.75 years for Class 3, up to 3.75 years for Class 4, up to 2.5 years for Class 5 and up to six months for Class 6.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding Arizona’s penalties for felony charges.