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What training is required for Arizona concealed weapon permits?

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, state residents who wish to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon must have demonstrable competence with firearms. Applicants can satisfy this requirement in a number of ways, including by showing that they completed a qualifying safety or training course in firearm use. 

Most crimes consist of 2 basic elements

Since opening its doors in 2005, the Baker Law Firm has provided criminal defense services to thousands of Arizona residents. A big component of our success comes from our belief that it is important for our clients to understand their situations and legal options. Often, this involves a discussion of the basics of a crime. 

Understanding diversion programs in Arizona

Some people in Arizona who are arrested on criminal charges may face lengthy trials to determine the outcomes of their cases. Concerns about extensive penalties associated with trials along with the general stress of the experience can make this an option many people wish to avoid. Some defendants may be able to participate in what are known as diversion programs instead of having to undergo a full trial.

Death sentence may be overturned by new evidence

Arizona residents who find themselves accused of criminal charges can sometimes feel there is no hope for a successful defense. It is important for all persons to remember that a defense is their right under the law and that even includes the appeal process. This is the case regardless of the nature of the alleged offenses including theft, murder, drug crimes and more.