What training is required for Arizona concealed weapon permits?

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, state residents who wish to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon must have demonstrable competence with firearms. Applicants can satisfy this requirement in a number of ways, including by showing that they completed a qualifying safety or training course in firearm use.

Courses that Arizona’s DPS will accept for concealed weapon permit applications include:

  • Firearms training or safety classes that can be taken by members of the general public and are offered by law enforcement agencies, junior colleges, colleges, private or public institutions and firearms training schools
  • Hunter safety or education classes that have been approved by the state’s Game and Fish Department
  • Classes certified by the National Rifle Association

This is not an exhaustive list of qualifying classes, and those who wish to apply for a concealed weapon permit may want to check that a course will satisfy Arizona’s legal requirements prior to enrolling. It should also be noted that there is no standard cost for taking these classes, as these prices are not regulated by the DPS.

Training courses are not the only means of meeting the firearms competency requirement. Those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces may establish this competence by providing documentation of their honorable discharges, general discharges under honorable conditions, or with proof that they are currently in military service. In addition, those who have a current or expired permit for concealed weapons from other states may be able to satisfy Arizona’s competency requirement by providing documentation of these permits, as long as the issuing state also mandated that permit holders meet a testing or training standard.