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What are Arizona’s robbery laws?

The crime of robbery is described under chapter 19 of Arizona Revised Statutes’ criminal code. Under these laws, there are three categories of this offense: robbery, aggravated robbery and armed robbery. Aggravated robbery and armed robbery are based on the requirements of robbery, but have added elements.  

Erratic driving leads to seizure of 11 pounds of meth

Sometimes a relatively small legal infraction can lead to the search of a person’s clothing or vehicle. When Arizona law enforcement officers discover illegal substances or drug paraphernalia through such searches, felony charges and substantial prison sentences may result. 

ACLU study finds SWAT teams increasingly used to search homes

Here at the Baker Law Firm, we have been helping clients in the Phoenix area defend against criminal charges for nearly a decade. We have seen firsthand that in some cases, law enforcement authorities can overstep their authority, sometimes leading to improper arrests as well as injured bystanders.

Defenses to statutory rape under Arizona law

Arizona state law prohibits certain types of sexual conduct involving minors. This category of sex crimes, commonly referred to as statutory rape, is codified in chapter 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Several defenses to this crime are also included in these statutes.