Erratic driving leads to seizure of 11 pounds of meth

Sometimes a relatively small legal infraction can lead to the search of a person’s clothing or vehicle. When Arizona law enforcement officers discover illegal substances or drug paraphernalia through such searches, felony charges and substantial prison sentences may result.

A North Dakota law enforcement officer discovered one pound of crystal methamphetamine and $20,000 when he pulled over a vehicle for erratic driving. The car had been drifting between lanes and was missing its license plates.

The driver was arrested, as were two others. All three are facing felony charges for possessing meth with the intent to deliver. If convicted, they may be sentenced to life in prison. Reports do not indicate whether law enforcement officials will be charging them for any offenses related to the handguns or marijuana.

Authorities searched a Day’s Inn after question the three arrestees. This produced another 10 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, as well as marijuana, a handgun and $900. An additional search of a Best Western Inn resulted in the seizure of two stolen guns.

In total, these investigations produced 11 pounds of crystal meth, which may be the largest meth bust in the state’s history.

Those who have been arrested for drug charges face serious penalties if they are convicted. However, with a strong defense strategy, it may be possible to reduce these charges or avoid a conviction altogether. If you have been arrested and are trying to determine what your best defense options are, it may be beneficial to discuss your case with an attorney.

Source:, “Large Drug Bust in North Dakota,” Feb. 14, 2015