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16,000 out of 21,000 people in Ferguson have an arrest warrant

Many Arizona residents may not realize that an arrest may be the result of multiple factors. Not all of these are always fair. In some situations, an arrest might be made due to a systemic criminalization of a population by law enforcement authorities.

Blood alcohol content levels may affect DUI penalties

Certain criminal offenses will include multiple tiers, each carrying a different set of penalties. Under Arizona law, for example, there is more than one type of offense for drinking and driving. Convictions for these crimes will depend in large part on the defendant’s blood alcohol content levels. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, BAC tests are used to determine how much alcohol is in a person’s body.

What are juries responsible for in criminal cases?

Certain criminal cases are tried before juries. In these cases, jury members are tasked with very specific duties. According to the Preliminary Criminal Instructions, available through the Arizona Bar Association’s website, juries are responsible for deciding the facts and applying laws. These determinations must be made purely from the evidence presented by attorneys during the trial.

Officers’ mistake leads to wrongful imprisonment

The Arizona justice system is meant to presume innocence until guilt is proven. However, there are some situations in which officers’ assumptions may come into play. In some cases, these presumptions may lead to unsubstantiated arrests. Depending on the situation, this may lead to unwarranted jail time or even wrongful convictions.