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Can you get arrested during a field sobriety test while sober?

As summer approaches, this is a prime time for drinking and driving, so it’s most likely also a part of local law enforcement’s plans to step up their surveillance. One common tool that Phoenix police officers use to screen for intoxicated drivers is the field sobriety test. Field sobriety tests can be conducted any time of the year during any traffic stop, and officers find them especially convenient during peak drinking times.

Driving while high can get you arrested

Marijuana laws in many states throughout the country are changing. Some states are allowing the use of recreational marijuana, in addition to medicinal marijuana, under certain restrictions. However, the laws surrounding cannabis usage are still quite strict in Arizona. Many people state that pot is a harmless drug; whatever their opinions are on the subject, those who are caught smoking marijuana or possessing drug paraphernalia in Phoenix face serious penalties.

Accidently discharging a gun may result in criminal charges

At the Baker Law Firm, we understand that some criminal charges result from genuine accidents. When this occurs, a single mistake or lapse in judgment may lead to a life-altering criminal record. Certain criminal statutes do not allow exceptions in cases of accidents. In Arizona, unlawfully discharging a firearm is one such offense.