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What qualifies as misconduct involving weapons in Arizona?

Owning and using weapons in the state of Arizona comes with significant responsibility. As such, there are strict laws that address the possession and handling of certain weapons. If you are in any way involved with deadly weapons, it is important for you to understand these laws in order to avoid potential violations and their serious consequences.

Four men charged with conspiring to import pot, other drug crimes

Over the years, law enforcement has taken steps to crack down on the drug trafficking that occurs between Arizona and Mexico. This includes implementing measures to try to seize the drugs. If believed to be involved in drug importation and relating activities, people could face serious charges with significant penalties.

What to know if someone files a restraining order against you?

There are many reasons that a person may wish to file for a restraining order. One common cause is if the filer claims they have been the victim of domestic assault or violence. In order to protect themselves, they may file for a restraining order. However, that may have big consequences for the person the order is filed against even if they are not at fault.

Knife laws being relaxed in some states

Serious weapons charges can be imposed against a person regardless of the type of weapon involved, from a gun to a knife to a blunt instrument. Many Phoenix residents carry knives as a way to defend themselves; a gun is by no means the only method of self-defense out there. However, defending one’s self with a knife, making a mistake or accidentally lashing out in anger are all scenarios that can result in an assault charge. Felony possession of a weapon can result in serious penalties, including heavy fines and even prison time.

Exonerees face challenges after release from prison

Not everyone who goes to prison is guilty of a crime. Many of those convicted of crimes in Phoenix and elsewhere in the country are actually innocent of any wrongdoing. In fact, according to Smithsonian magazine, there may currently be about 136,000 innocent people serving time in prison right now. At the Baker Law Firm, LLC, we have heard that the rate of wrongful convictions falls between 4 and 6 percent throughout the country. Therefore, if you are fighting allegations for which you are not guilty, you are not alone.