Exonerees face challenges after release from prison

| May 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

Not everyone who goes to prison is guilty of a crime. Many of those convicted of crimes in Phoenix and elsewhere in the country are actually innocent of any wrongdoing. In fact, according to Smithsonian magazine, there may currently be about 136,000 innocent people serving time in prison right now. At the Baker Law Firm, LLC, we have heard that the rate of wrongful convictions falls between 4 and 6 percent throughout the country. Therefore, if you are fighting allegations for which you are not guilty, you are not alone.

There is hope for those who are wrongfully incarcerated. Groups like the Innocence Project work tirelessly to prove the innocence of the falsely convicted. To date, DNA evidence has helped the Innocence Project to free more than 300 innocent people from prison. Many others have been freed based on the real guilty person admitting to the crime or by other factors.

This good news is tempered by a bit of bad. Unfortunately, life can be hard for exonerees after their release. If they spent many years behind bars, they may step out into an unfamiliar world with technology they have never experienced. Some failed to receive an education or vocational training, and have difficulty finding a job or place to live. Even more sad, many people harshly judge those who served time in prison, even upon finding out they had been cleared of their charges.

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