Phoenix man charged with assault after fight at apartment complex

Sometimes, people who are trying to defend themselves or others end up involved in physical altercations. Although they may have been trying to do the right thing, they could still face assault charges. Since such charges are considered a serious criminal offense in the state of Arizona, a conviction could result in severe consequences.

A North Phoenix man was arrested recently following an altercation at a Valley apartment complex. The 19-year-old is facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault with dismemberment and aggravated assault using a deadly weapon. Details were not reported regarding the penalties he could face if convicted.

According to reports, the fight took place after the victim had attacked at least three people, including one of the man’s roommates. Two of the people who were allegedly assaulted by the victim were attempting to intervene in an argument between him and another woman. It was reported that three of the man’s roommates were admittedly also involved in the incident. The man had purportedly seen the victim with a knife before he got involved in the situation.

The man reportedly admitted to authorities on the scene that he had stabbed the victim. However, he purportedly expressed to his roommate that the stabbing was in self-defense. It is not expected that the victim will recover. He suffered serious injury to his jugular vein and carotid artery, as well as cuts to his hand, arm and back.

Being charged with assault can have a life changing impact on people in Arizona. As such, those facing such charges may find it of benefit to seek legal counsel. Working with an attorney may help them to understand their rights and options, as well as establish a defense.

Source: ABC15 Arizona, “PD: Stabbing victim may not survive injuries,” June 17, 2015