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Medical marijuana complicates probable cause in Arizona searches

Law enforcement must have probable cause for a search according to the Fourth Amendment. In the past, if an Arizona police officer smelled marijuana, a search was considered permissible. The fact that marijuana possession is against the law makes determining immunity granted by the medical marijuana law complex when it comes to the viability of law enforcement searches and citizens' rights to privacy.

An overview of sexual assault charges in the state of Arizona

Often, having sexual contact is a way for people to express their feelings for their partners. In some cases, however, having sexual contact with a partner could lead to you facing serious criminal charges. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we are often asked about sexual assault charges. In this post, we will discuss what constitutes sexual assault in the state of Arizona, as well as the consequences you could face if convicted of this offense.

Who is prohibited from owning and carrying firearms in Arizona?

Here in Arizona, it sometimes seems that everyone has a firearm. While the state’s gun laws are rather liberal compared to the rest of the country, you may be prohibited from owning a firearm under certain circumstances. If you are a prohibited possessor in the state, you could face serious penalties for having or carrying a firearm.

Arizona drug charges: Possession of prescription drugs

Like many in Maricopa County, you are likely aware that Arizona has laws prohibiting the possession and use of drugs and narcotics. What you may not realize, however, is that state law also prohibits the use of prescription drugs in certain cases. At the Baker Law Firm, LLC, we are often asked about criminal charges resulting from prescription medications. In this post, we will discuss possession of a controlled substance charges as they relate to these types of drugs.