Who is prohibited from owning and carrying firearms in Arizona?

| Jul 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

Here in Arizona, it sometimes seems that everyone has a firearm. While the state’s gun laws are rather liberal compared to the rest of the country, you may be prohibited from owning a firearm under certain circumstances. If you are a prohibited possessor in the state, you could face serious penalties for having or carrying a firearm.

Arizona state law defines those who cannot legally own or carry firearms. While imprisoned at a detention or correctional facility, you are banned from possessing a gun. Likewise, you cannot have a gun while serving probation or out on parole for a domestic violence or other felony offense conviction. Unless you have had your privileges restored, you cannot own or carry a firearm if you have been convicted of a felony crime. This includes those convicted in the state, as well as outside of the state. With few exceptions, you also cannot have a firearm if you are an undocumented immigrant or are in the country on a work, education or pleasure visa. Furthermore, if you have certain disabilities, or are determined to be a danger to others or yourself, you may also be prohibited from possessing a firearm under Arizona state law.

Depending on the circumstances, you could face a range of penalties if, as a prohibited possessor, you have are found with a firearm. If you are on probation or parole, your original sentence may be reinstated for possessing a gun. A charge of misconduct involving a weapon or charges stemming from the use of a weapon in a crime could result in Class 4 felony charges. If convicted, you could face between four and eight years in prison. These consequences could be elevated depending on your criminal record.

This post has provided an overview of prohibited possessors in the state of Arizona. However, it should be considered only as general information and not be taken as legal advice.