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What are arrest warrants and how do they work in Arizona?

Maricopa County courts, and others throughout Arizona, frequently issue warrants for people’s arrests. Many have heard of such warrants, however, few understand what it means if one is issued for them. It is important for people to be familiar with arrest warrants are and how they work to help ensure their rights are upheld should they ever find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation.

South Phoenix man accused of assaulting constable

Sometimes, situations may become heated, and people may get into physical altercations with others in Phoenix, and elsewhere. When this happens, however, it could result in criminal charges. In some cases, only the aggressor is charged, while in others, all of those who were involved in the altercation are arrested. A serious criminal offense, people could face harsh penalties if convicted of assault in the state of Arizona.

Supreme Court rules on drug dog searches and traffic stops

Drug-sniffing dogs are used by law enforcement officers more and more in criminal investigations relating to the possession of illegal drugs or explosives. These dogs are often seen in airports, public places and even at traffic stops and their sniff can lead to a felony charge and conviction. However, there remains many questions over the use of these dogs and the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unlawful searches. In a recent Supreme Court ruling, the justices provided clarification on drug dog searches and traffic stops.

Can a person be arrested for DUI after one drink?

If you limit yourself to one or two alcoholic drinks because you are planning to drive home in Maricopa County, Arizona, you may want to reconsider. According to Arizona DUI law, driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent is illegal. However, even if you have a much lower BAC, you could still be arrested for driving under the influence if the arresting officer can show that you are even slightly impaired, and one drink could affect you more than you realize.