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What is a terroristic act in Arizona?

Terrorism is a term that is unfortunately all too common in our nation’s vernacular. Most people picture the types of attacks that brought down the World Trade Center when thinking about terrorism. However, there are a number of acts, which could be considered as terroristic under Arizona state law. Allegations of such acts and threats may result in serious criminal charges for you, and others throughout the state.

What are mitigating factors in Arizona death sentencing?

If you were somehow involved in the death of another person in Arizona, you could find yourself facing serious criminal charges, which could result in you facing life in prison or the death sentence. In some cases, however, certain circumstances may have contributed to your role in the death. Often referred to as mitigating circumstances, these factors may impact the potential penalties you could face if you are convicted of the offenses you are alleged to have committed.

Understanding unlawful discharge of a firearm charges in Arizona

Like many people in Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona, you may carry a firearm. While state law generally allows this, you could face criminal charges if you discharge your weapon. At the Baker Law Firm, LLC, people often ask us about the state’s laws regarding the firing of guns. In this post then, we will discuss the circumstances under which you may discharge a firearm, as well as the penalties you could face if convicted of unlawful discharge.

Agreeing to take a field sobriety test in AZ can hurt you

Field sobriety tests are often the backbone of evidence used against alleged drunk drivers for conviction. These tests are designed to provide law enforcement officers with enough information to determine whether or not a motorist is too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle. In Arizona, motorists are not legally required to undergo any type of field sobriety test, as it requires them to provide potentially incriminating evidence to police officers.

Understanding prescription fraud charges in Arizona

For any number of reasons, you, and others throughout Maricopa County, may be using prescription drugs that you do not have a valid prescription for. While possessing and using prescription-only medications without a prescription, or for non-medicinal purposes is prohibited by law, so too is obtaining these drugs from a pharmacy through fraudulent means. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, people often ask us what it means to be charged with prescription fraud. In this post then, we will discuss what constitutes prescription fraud in the state of Arizona, and the penalties you potentially could face if convicted of this offense.