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Teen accused in fatal NAU campus shooting claims self-defense

Most people in Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona, know that shooting a firearm may lead to criminal charges, particularly if someone is injured or killed. Sometimes, however, those who fire weapons are not acting negligently or engaging in criminal activities. Often, people use their firearms to protect themselves from would-be, or actual, attackers.

Restoring gun rights after felony convictions in Arizona

Those who are charged with domestic violence and other, felony offenses in Arizona may face a range of consequences, including losing their right to bear arms. While this is permanent for some, others may eventually be able to have their rights restored. This does not happen automatically, however, people must take certain steps to see their firearm privileges reinstated.

Social media posts and DUI arrests in Arizona

If you are like many people in Arizona, and elsewhere, you likely have social media accounts on platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Periscope. While these accounts can be useful for keeping in touch with your family and friends, the authorities may also use your posts against you. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, we are often asked if you can be arrested for drunk driving based on social media posts. In this post, we will discuss the law enforcement’s use of social media as evidence in criminal cases.

Traffic stop leads to drug seizure, arrest for man near Ashfork

Sometimes, routine traffic stops in Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona, lead to criminal charges beyond just a traffic ticket. If law enforcement officers have probable cause, they may conduct searches, which could turn up evidence of other offenses, including drug crimes. As a result, people may face penalties beyond the fines, or other consequences, that a ticket may incur.