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Does racial profiling affect criminal charges?

You have the legal right to be considered innocent until you have been proven guilty, and law enforcement officers in Phoenix, Arizona, may only detain or question you if they have a reason to believe you may have broken the law. This reason cannot be based on where you are from, your cultural background or religion, or the color of your skin. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, when personal characteristics such as these are the determining factors in a law enforcement agent’s treatment of you, it may be considered racial profiling.

What is a prohibited weapon in Arizona?

In Arizona, the word “weapon” may conjure up different images, depending on your frame of reference. After all, even a kitchen knife can be used to harm someone. You may consider firearms just as harmless as household utensils, as long as the owner understands the proper safety techniques. However, there are some weapons that the state of Arizona has determined that you and others should not have.

Protecting property with firearms has limitations in Arizona

In Arizona, many people are able to enjoy the right to own and carry firearms. A variety of guns can be legally used for sports such as hunting or target practice, as well as for protection. Following the state’s rules and regulations regarding weapons is an important part of the responsibility of gun ownership.

Can I be charged with a DUI if I am not driving?

Choosing a designated driver or arranging for a ride before you start drinking alcohol is always the best way to avoid a DUI charge in Arizona. The penalties can be harsh if you are pulled over, and even worse if you are in an alcohol-related motor vehicle crash. It is critical to plan ahead because alcohol affects your judgment and can influence bad decisions. If you are unable to think clearly when you are ready to go home, it may seem like a good idea to sit in your vehicle and wait for your head to clear. Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel with alcohol in your system is always a bad idea.

Understanding aggravated assault in Arizona

When someone in Arizona is hurt by another, the person who causes the injury may or may not be guilty of assault. The key to the description of assault in the Arizona State Legislature is that any harm or threat of harm is done on purpose, or else it is caused by an action that is careless and dangerous. The charge is increased to aggravated assault when there is any one of many additional circumstances involved in the action.