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Arizona statutes define limits to gun ownership and use

Whether they are used for recreation, to provide protection or for employment, firearms are an important part of life for many Arizona residents. Even when a person has followed the law in the acquisition of a gun, there are other regulations that must be followed. The Arizona State Legislature explains limitations to gun ownership and use in statute 13-3102, and understanding these is helpful in avoiding gun charges.

Hypoglycemia or alcohol impairment?

Low blood sugar can cause a number of serious side effects, even when a person does not have diabetes. However, as a diabetic in Phoenix, you may be aware that you are much more likely to suffer such an attack, known as hypoglycemia. Although this condition may cause impairment similar to that of alcohol, Diabetes Health explains that many law enforcement officers are not aware of the parallels and may disregard a driver’s claim that the symptoms are not alcohol related.

Why do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Facing a criminal charge in Phoenix can be alarming, and if you are in this position, you may have many questions about the legal procedure and what to expect. While you may be able to find some of this information online or from other resources, the Arizona State Bar recommends that you consider the benefits of contacting an attorney for legal advice.

Rental policies and criminal records

The consequences of a criminal record in Phoenix may continue for decades. Beyond the initial penalties, those with criminal charges may suffer every time they are required to submit to a background check. This can affect their ability to find a job and a place to live, even though many people who have been charged with a crime would not be considered a danger to those around them.