Why do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Facing a criminal charge in Phoenix can be alarming, and if you are in this position, you may have many questions about the legal procedure and what to expect. While you may be able to find some of this information online or from other resources, the Arizona State Bar recommends that you consider the benefits of contacting an attorney for legal advice.

Choosing to represent yourself comes with a number of responsibilities that you must be able to satisfy. For example, you will need to acquire and fill out the correct forms and documents. The judge will not be lenient or overlook mistakes just because you are not an attorney. Anyone who prepares the documents must follow the guidelines and meet required standards.

If your case goes to a hearing or trial, you have the right to represent yourself if you wish to do so, but to be effective, you must first understand criminal court procedures and how to conduct yourself during the process. Beyond that, a criminal defense attorney typically has specialized knowledge of the law, including any recent court cases or changes that may apply to your case. Determining which defense would be best without this knowledge could put you at a disadvantage.

Taking the appropriate steps to secure professional legal help may be the best way to ensure that you do not forfeit any of your legal rights. While this information is provided to help you understand the value of seeking assistance from a criminal defense attorney, it is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advice.