Burglary charges filed against Arizona man

| May 4, 2016 | Uncategorized

A criminal charge and conviction in Phoenix can come with several consequences. These consequences include having to pay bail, facing a possible prison sentence, being ordered to pay restitution and court fines, and having one’s face plastered on local media stations. It can be even more damaging to a person’s situation if the person was observed near the crime scene or in possession of items connecting him or her to the crime.

One Arizona man has recently been charged with committing identity theft and multiple counts of burglary. The man, who has four previous convictions for burglary, armed robbery and kidnapping, was apprehended after he was seen leaving a home, which was found to have been burglarized. Apparently, he attracted the attention of officers because four other burglarized homes were connected to the car he was driving.

A flat screen TV was found in his vehicle when it was searched, and on the gravel driveway, two watches were lying nearby. The TV was identified as being taken from a different home. Several items were also found in the car that came from the home the man was leaving at the time. Officers discovered that there were two arrest warrants that had been issued for the man in Tucson.

When people are charged with committing a crime, there are several options that are available to them. Therefore, they may want to consider discussing these options with an experienced attorney. The attorney can evaluate the circumstances and evidence involved, and provide them with information and counsel.

Source: ABC 15,  “Man wanted in 6 Valley burglaries arrested in Phoenix, police say,” Joe Enea, Apr. 18, 2016