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Drunk and distracted driving inconsistencies in Arizona

Most drivers in Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona are very aware that the state takes a very harsh approach to drunk driving. Penalties for a first-ever offense can include the loss of driving privileges for up to 90 days and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Other penalties may also result depending upon the circumstances.

Background checks and arrest information for employment screening

If you have been arrested in Arizona you will no doubt have many questions about the long-term effects of the arrest. Regardless of whether or not you are ultimately convicted of an offense or how serious the offense is, a criminal arrest may still haunt you. For example, when you are applying for a new job, a potential employer can ask about criminal history and conduct a thorough background check. Will the arrest show up? Will it be able to prevent you from getting a job?

Judge to decide if man is fit for murder trial

People who have been arrested for and accused of serious crimes such as rape, murder or kidnapping in Arizona may feel very concerned about what could happen to them. The criminal defense process can be complicated and confusing yet it is always important for defendants to remember that the law does guarantee them some rights. Among these rights is the importance of ensuring that someone is actually fit to stand trial.

Arizona DUI arrest trends over Memorial Day

Arizona is one state in the nation lucky enough to enjoy sunny days almost all year long. However, that does not make holiday weekends any less special for Arizona residents or visitors. Backyard barbeques, outings on lakes or rivers and more are virtual hallmarks of the three primary summer holidays—Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. However, because having a beer or glass of wine is common at these events, this reality also puts many people at risk for a DUI arrest.