July 2016 Archives

Terrorist charges levied against 18-year-old

As the number of suspected terrorist attacks worldwide continue to grow, it is understandable for Arizona residents to be concerned about the danger and tragedy associated with these events. However, as with any criminal allegation, it is important for people to remember that not every accused person is actually guilty. An essential tenet of American law is that every defendant deserves a proper criminal defense.

Where can I carry or fire a gun in Arizona?

Arizona residents know that the U.S. Constitution protects their rights to bear arms. However, even with that protection in place, there are laws that do restrict who can carry a gun in Arizona and also when and where a person may have a gun. Understanding this is important to avoid being charged with a weapons crime unnecessarily.

Video game raises new questions about crime and reality

Many an Arizona resident enjoys playing a good video game now and then. It can be a great means of entertainment and even relief from the stress of a long day. Most people would not be concerned that the simple act of playing a video game could lead them to being charged with a crime but that is exactly what a new game may make possible.

Parents charged with abuse of infant and drug charges

In Arizona, there are many different types of charges involving illegal drugs that a person may face. Simply using a drug is not the only offense that can lead to criminal charges or penalties. Drug trafficking and drug possession, for example, are two other drug-related charges that a person can be accused of.