Parents charged with abuse of infant and drug charges

In Arizona, there are many different types of charges involving illegal drugs that a person may face. Simply using a drug is not the only offense that can lead to criminal charges or penalties. Drug trafficking and drug possession, for example, are two other drug-related charges that a person can be accused of.

Possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphenalia are two charges that have been brought against a mother and a father recently. The pair together have a four-month-old baby boy. A couple of months ago, they reportedly took the baby in for medical care when he did not seem to be well. A test at the hospital revealed cocaine in the baby’s body.

After admitting that she used cocaine on the previous day and then nursed her baby that morning, the mother was charged with the drug offenses. In addition, a charge of child abuse was also entered against her. The father was also charged with the same crimes. Custody of the baby has been taken away from the parents although they are permitted to have contact with their child while awaiting their court date in late July.

While news reports of cases like these often make it seem as though defendants are doomed to be convicted, it must be remembered that many other details are not included in the public stories. People who are accused of criminal offenses may wish to talk with an attorney to understand how the defense process works and how they may get help.


Source: Fox News, “Ex-Arizona TV reporters face drug, child abuse charges after cocaine found in infant’s system,” June 29, 2016