Terrorist charges levied against 18-year-old

As the number of suspected terrorist attacks worldwide continue to grow, it is understandable for Arizona residents to be concerned about the danger and tragedy associated with these events. However, as with any criminal allegation, it is important for people to remember that not every accused person is actually guilty. An essential tenet of American law is that every defendant deserves a proper criminal defense.

An 18-year-old male from Tucson is one of those people who has been accused of planning suspected terrorist acts. As early as Autumn of 2015, undercover agents with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation were in communication with the man. Reports indicate that the FBI is in possession of emails and voicemails from the defendant that point to him praising other killings like those at the Orlanda nightclub. He is also accused of having connections with the Islamic State.

More recently, the man is said to have been plotting an attack at the Motor Vehicle Department office in Mesa with alleged plans for additional attacks. The target was reportedly selected due to the low security and high number of people that would be present. Charges filed against him include conspiracy to commit misconduct with weapons and to commit terrorism. A not guily plea has been entered for both offenses.

With public opinion regarding ISIS and terrorism in general, Arizona residents who are acccused of such crimes may feel concerned about their ability to get fair treatment. Talking with an attorney may be a good way to learn what steps to take in these situations.


Source: Fox News, “Arizona man charged with plotting terror attack also eyed Jewish center, FBI says,” July 20, 2016