Where can I carry or fire a gun in Arizona?

Arizona residents know that the U.S. Constitution protects their rights to bear arms. However, even with that protection in place, there are laws that do restrict who can carry a gun in Arizona and also when and where a person may have a gun. Understanding this is important to avoid being charged with a weapons crime unnecessarily.

According to the City of Phoenix, there is no state mandated registration required to purchase or carry a gun. Similarly, individual municipalities are not allowed to institute any such restrictions. People who have been convicted of certain crimes and some non-U.S. citizens are, however, not be allowed to possess guns. With a few exceptions, guns are not to be taken onto any educational institution’s premises, on any election polling site, where alcohol is served or national park grounds. Government facilities, including correctional establishments also should be avoided by persons carrying guns. Privately owned or operated facilities can ban the presence of weapons at their discretion.

By and large, guns are not allowed to be discharged within a city’s limits. There are some exceptions which include the premises of a designated firing range or any location that is more than one mile away from a structure that is occupied. Guns may be able to be used legally in situations involving the need to defend oneself against criminal action or an animal attack. Firing blanks is allowed but people should know that doing so may still result in charges of disturbing public peace.

The many nuances in the laws governing gun ownership and possession can make it challenging to know what is legal and what is not. Getting the facts before a problem arises is always recommended.