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Prohibited possession of a weapon in Arizona

The United States Constitution provides people the right to possess firearms for the purpose of protecting themselves. Arizona law provides clarification on when and where guns may be legally carried or fired in the state. It also outlines who may possess firearms in the state. There are some instances where a person may not be legally allowed to have a gun.

Man receives probation for alleged sexual assault

Arizona residents who are charged with not one but with multiple crimes may understandably feel afraid that they have few options. However, it should always be remembered that everyone has the right to a solid defense and that the eventual outcomes may not be as bad as what an original set of charges might indicate. An example of this can be seen in a recent case in Coconino County.

Arizona's sex offender registry

Every state has a registration program for people convicted of sexually related offenses. In Arizona, there are several different crimes that may require a person to participate in this program. As explained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, sexual assault is one of these. Sexual abuse or sexual conduct with an alleged victim who is 17 years of age or younger may also lead to the need to register as a sexual offender. Any non-parent of an alleged kidnapping or imprisonment victim under 18 years of age may also be required to register.

Man accused of killing mother and fiance

People who have been charged with serious crimes or know someone who has may not always understand how the criminal justice system works. In learning the process, it is important for defendants to keep in mind that public news reports may not always reflect the full details of a case. Despite stories that might make a person seem guilty before any trial has ever commenced, people are owed the opportunity to defend themselves no matter what the situation. A man recently arrested in Phoenix may need to be reminded of this fact while he navigates the legal system.

Enforcement of Spousal Support - Arizona Remedies

After reaping the effective services of a local Arizona spousal support attorney, you hold in hand a legitimate spousal maintenance order. But what happens when the passage of time renders the power of the order null and worthless. Monthly payments fail to arrive on time. Occasionally the funds fail to show up at all. Contacting the Arizona Division of Child Support (DCSS) offers no help. Unless a child support order is included in the spousal maintenance settlement, the DCSS has no authority to enforce spousal support. You are on your own.

What are some unknown facts about IIDs?

Have you been convicted of drunk driving in Arizona? If so, one of the things you may need to know about is how ignition interlock devices work. While it may be commonly known that IIDs prevent you from starting your vehicle until you pass a breath test, there are many details about these devices that you do not know but should.