Arizona’s sex offender registry

Every state has a registration program for people convicted of sexually related offenses. In Arizona, there are several different crimes that may require a person to participate in this program. As explained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, sexual assault is one of these. Sexual abuse or sexual conduct with an alleged victim who is 17 years of age or younger may also lead to the need to register as a sexual offender. Any non-parent of an alleged kidnapping or imprisonment victim under 18 years of age may also be required to register.

Offenses do not need to involve direct sexual acts to result in registration as a sex offender. If a judge deems that the underlying motivation for an act was sexual in nature, registration could be required. It is also important for people visiting Arizona to know that they must register with the state’s program if they are ordered to do so elsewhere if their stay in Arizona is expected to last more than 10 days.

Registrants must maintain updated registrations. This included making sure any change of address is reported to the program within 72 hours. Any failure to do so may lead to additional criminal charges and penalties. Similarly, it is a felony not to obtain the required special credential delineating registered sex offender status from the Motor Vehicle Department.

If you would like more information on Arizona’s sex offender registry or penalties for sex crimes, please feel free to visit the criminal charge for sexually related acts page of our Arizona defense website.