Man accused of killing mother and fiance

| Aug 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

People who have been charged with serious crimes or know someone who has may not always understand how the criminal justice system works. In learning the process, it is important for defendants to keep in mind that public news reports may not always reflect the full details of a case. Despite stories that might make a person seem guilty before any trial has ever commenced, people are owed the opportunity to defend themselves no matter what the situation. A man recently arrested in Phoenix may need to be reminded of this fact while he navigates the legal system.

Reports indicate the 37-year-old man, a veteran of the U.S. military,  has been charged with two separate counts of first degree murder in the suspected killing of his mother and her significant other. His bond has been set at $1 million. The pair allegedly died from knife stabs or cuts to the neck area. The murders took place at the woman’s home.

Witnesses apparently indicated that the defendant had entered the home multiple times on the day of the murders and had blood visible on his body. He also supposedly was seen pulling his mom to the ground outside the home. No reports indicate that he was seen with a knife in his hands. There are also no reports of anyone witnessing the actual murders.

Anyone in a situation like the above may find talking with an attorney helpful. Legal consultations may give essential insights into how best to defend against such serious charges.

Source: ABC15, “Brandon Southerland update: Phoenix double murder suspect held on $1M cash bond,” August 8, 2016