Prohibited possession of a weapon in Arizona

The United States Constitution provides people the right to possess firearms for the purpose of protecting themselves. Arizona law provides clarification on when and where guns may be legally carried or fired in the state. It also outlines who may possess firearms in the state. There are some instances where a person may not be legally allowed to have a gun.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety indicates that when a person is arrested or indicted for a crime, any permit to carry a weapon may be seized. The permit may be reinstated later on if any charges are dropped or dismissed. A permit may also be reinstated if the defendant is later found not guilty of the charges.

The City of Phoenix explains that anyone convicted of a felony in Arizona is not allowed to carry a firearm. Similarly, any person who is serving a parole or probation sentence will be unable to legally carry a weapon. This also includes people who are under any form of home arrest or participating in a community supervision program or who are sentenced to a work furlough period. In addition to those who may be facing or who have been convicted of felony criminal charges, anyone who has been identified as dangerous may also be unable to carry weapons. This includes people deemed to be dangers to others as well as dangers to themselves.

Arizona law also prohibits some non-U.S. citizens from carrying guns. This includes undocumented aliens or those here with a non-immigrant status. Some exceptions apply based upon a person’s reason for being in the United States such as participation in a professional tradeshow or shooting competition.