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Illinois officer arrested for DUI in Arizona

People who are arrested and charged with suspected drunk driving in Arizona may sometimes feel ashamed about the experience. However, despite the stereotypes that may abound, anyone can be in this situation. It is not just irresponsible people that drive vehicles after consuming a couple of drinks. Neither is it only irresponsible people who get DUIs. In fact, many highly responsible and respected members of the community find themselves facing drunk driving charges.

Different drunk driving charges in Arizona

If you are like many Arizona residents, you may consume an alcoholic beverage at social occasions now and then. You may also drive home after doing so because you believe you are safely able to do so and you would be below the legal threshold for intoxication if you were to be tested. While that may well be true, you should know that you do not actually have to test at or above a certain level in order to be arrested for or convicted of a DUI offense in Arizona.

Murder and drug plots part of charges against man

When a person in Arizona is arrested and officially charged with a crime, the outlook may initially look very bleak. It is at this time that defendants must find a way to remember that they too have rights and one of those rights is to a proper criminal defense. Simply being arrested does not mean that a person is guilty nor does it mean that the person will be found guilty by a judge or a jury.

Enforcement of Parenting Time In Arizona

Parenting time refers to the amount of time the non-custodial parent spends with the child. Disputes regarding parenting time often develop when parents ask the court for a divorce. If the two individuals are not able to reach an agreement in terms of parenting time, the court must make the decision. Generally, the court considers a number of factors when making its decision. Considerations include the child's age and health, the available time each parent has away from work and other commitments, as well as the child's school schedule, the living accommodations in the two homes and the distance between the homes. In all of these cases, the child's best interests are the overriding factor the court considers when making its decision.

Driver to serve jail time and supervised probation for DUI crash

Arizona is known to be tough on people accused of drunk driving. While certainly it is important to keep people safe, it is equally important that the rights of all defendants are properly protected as well. One Arizona teenager was recently convicted and sentenced for his role in an impaired driving accident in the summer of 2015 and some have indicated they feel the sentence was too lenient.