Driver to serve jail time and supervised probation for DUI crash

| Sep 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

Arizona is known to be tough on people accused of drunk driving. While certainly it is important to keep people safe, it is equally important that the rights of all defendants are properly protected as well. One Arizona teenager was recently convicted and sentenced for his role in an impaired driving accident in the summer of 2015 and some have indicated they feel the sentence was too lenient.

The incident occured when the 14-year-old boy ran a red light and struck another vehicle with multiple people inside, including a young child who was seriously injured. Another passenger is reported to have sustained injuries to the back, head and face. The teen driver’s blood alcohol level after the collision ranged from 0.91 to 0.109 according to sources.

Despite being a minor, the defendant was tried as an adult. Courts convicted him of three counts of aggravated assault, one of which was a Class 2 felony. The other two charges were Class 3 felonies. The boy will spend eight months in jail initially and serve a supervised probation sentence for 60 months after that. The car that the teen was driving belonged to his relative.

Clearly situations like these are serious for everyone involved. The decision for a minor to be tried as an adult is not taken lightly. When people face charges that may have long-lasting consequences, it might be helpful to talk with an attorney for advice and help with a proper defense.


Source:, “Teen Miguel Maldonado sentenced for drunk driving, causing serious 2015 crash,” Joe Bartels, Aug. 19, 2016