Illinois officer arrested for DUI in Arizona

People who are arrested and charged with suspected drunk driving in Arizona may sometimes feel ashamed about the experience. However, despite the stereotypes that may abound, anyone can be in this situation. It is not just irresponsible people that drive vehicles after consuming a couple of drinks. Neither is it only irresponsible people who get DUIs. In fact, many highly responsible and respected members of the community find themselves facing drunk driving charges.

Such is the case for one police officer from Illinois. While in Arizona on an assignment to recruit others, he was pulled over in his rental car and eventually arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Reports did not indicate what led local officers to pull the Illinois officer’s vehicle over. It is also not known what his blood alcohol content was at the time of his arrest. Upon arriving back in Illinois, the officer has been suspended from his job for a period of 20 days. During the suspension period, the man will not receive his normal pay.

The officer from Illinois was accompanied by another officer who was riding as a passenger in the rental car at the time of the stop and arrest. The passenger officer has also been placed on a work suspension for knowingly getting in a vehicle driven by another officer who had been drinking. His suspension is also without pay but will last for 10 instead of 20 days.

Clearly, anyone can get a DUI. Residents in Arizona may find it helpful to talk with an attorney after a drunk driving arrest to learn what to expect in the defense process.


Source:, “Janesville officers suspended after drunk driving arrest,” Cody Carter, Sept. 22, 2016