Murder and drug plots part of charges against man

| Sep 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

When a person in Arizona is arrested and officially charged with a crime, the outlook may initially look very bleak. It is at this time that defendants must find a way to remember that they too have rights and one of those rights is to a proper criminal defense. Simply being arrested does not mean that a person is guilty nor does it mean that the person will be found guilty by a judge or a jury.

A man from Phoenix is today facing charges for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to have his former spouse killed. As part of the supposed plot, reports say that the defendant posted bond in order to release from jail the man who he wished to carry out the murder. The man accused of being the hit man has been found by law enforcement and no murder was committed.

In addition to the accusations of the murder plot, the defendant is also said to have been part of a plan to smuggle drugs from Oregon to Tennessee. On the way to Tennessee, he supposedly worked with a relative who was in jail to find a way to get some of the drugs into the jail. Tapes and the jail have recordings of conversations regarding these plans.

Certainly there are many details to be addressed during a criminal defense. People who are accused of serious crimes may find it very helpful to talk with an experienced attorney to best understand how they can proceed in these difficult times.


Source:, “MCSO arrests man, Douglas James Fields, for attempted murder and jail drug running plans, Joe Enea, Sept. 1, 2016