A look at Arizona’s violent crime arrests

If you have been charged with a serious crime in Arizona or know someone who has, you may well wonder just how many other people have been in your situation. While remembering that an arrest does not mean you are guilty, it can be helpful to know that you are not alone. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has published detailed information that shows how many people were arrested for different crimes in 2015.

When looking at arrest data for murder, rape and aggravated assault, it becomes clear that allegations of aggravated assault far outnumbered those of the other two offenses together. In addition, the prevalence of aggravated assault charges across all age groups was more apparent than with rape or murder. Aggravated assault arrests may have included incidents with or without some form of weapon.

In total, there were 4,141 people arrested and charged with aggravated assault. In comparison, there were 165 rape arrests and 106 murder arrests. Minors accounted for 285 of the aggravated assault arrests, 25 of the rape arrests and six of the murder arrests. On the other end of the spectrum, 71 of the aggravated assault arrests involved people 65 of years or older. For rape, three arrests involved someone 65 or older and for murder, only one arrest was made of a person in this age group. Across all three crimes, the highest arrest numbers were seen among people in their 20s and 30s.

If you would like to learn more about arrests for murder, rape, aggravated assault or other charges, please feel free to visit the violent crimes page of our Arizona criminal defense website.