Arizona voters to decide on legalized pot

| Oct 26, 2016 | Uncategorized

As election day fast approaches, citizens around the nation are anticipating a to-be change in leadership. In addition, Arizona residents are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the vote on Proposition 205.

This ballot item asks voters to weigh in on whether or not the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized in Arizona. There are people in support of doing this and also people who are very much against this change.Supporters believe that illegal drug activity could be reduced because pot use and sales would no longer be illegal in all cases.

One of the concerns that has been put forward is about how fairly the law could be applied especially given that there are no provisions in the verbiage to differentiate between active and inactive metabolites in a person’s system. Pot can remain in a user’s system in a non-impairing form for some time which could lead to an inaccurate arrest if there are no caveats about how to identify the active and inactive forms of the drug. Drivers who are found to have THC in their systems could be charged with drugged driving even once pot use is legal just as they can today while it is illegal.

Even if Proposition 205 is passed, the exact impact and reality of how it will be handled may take some time to play out. Anyone in Arizona who is accused of a pot-related crime may wish to talk with and attorney to understand how they can properly sift through the defense process.


Source: KTAR News, “Burning debate: How would legalizing marijuana affect Arizona?“, Carter Nacke, Oct. 18, 2016