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Recreational pot still illegal in Arizona

The most recent election saw the proposed legalization of recreational marijuana on many different state's ballots. Arizona residents have already been living in somewhat close proximity to Colorado, the first state to make recreational pot legal. But, now there are even more states in which people will be able to possess or use pot legally that are in even closer proximity to Arizona than Colorado is. How might this change things for Arizona residents?

Woman arrested for second time in two months

Many people who are arrested for and charged with drug offenses in Arizona can face a challenging road. If nothing else, reports from the media generally offer very few details and the ones that are provided can tend to cast a very negative light on defendants. This does not always accurately reflect the reality of a situation.

Arizona keeps pot illegal

Many different types of substances from illegal substances like cocaine or methampetamine to prescription drugs like opioids can be involved in a criminal arrest in Arizona. The nature of the charges and penalties that a defendant may face can vary based upon which drug is involved and how much of the drug is involved.

Child Support Enforcement in Arizona

If your child's other parent is not paying his or her child support, Arizona law offers several enforcement remedies. Even if the other parent is undergoing financial difficulties, that does not mean they can stop paying child support. Under Arizona law, child support supersedes any other type of debt.

Woman to appeal life sentence after evidence not allowe

Nobody in Arizona wants to be convicted of a serious crime and then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. As bad as this can be, when it happens after essential evidence is not allowed to be included in the trial, it can be even harder to accept.