Recreational pot still illegal in Arizona

The most recent election saw the proposed legalization of recreational marijuana on many different state’s ballots. Arizona residents have already been living in somewhat close proximity to Colorado, the first state to make recreational pot legal. But, now there are even more states in which people will be able to possess or use pot legally that are in even closer proximity to Arizona than Colorado is. How might this change things for Arizona residents?

The short answer to that question is that not much really will change for Arizona residents. Certainly if visiting California or Nevada, Arizonans over the age of 21 may use pot recreationally while there. Of course, it will be important for people to follow all laws and guidelines in place in whatever state being visited at the time.

When it comes time to return home to Arizona, people must remember that they are not allowed to bring even the smallest amount of marijuana back to Arizona from another state. Doing so would actually be in violation of federal law. It is equally important for people in Arizona to know that the transporting of marijuana into the state even by someone who possesses a medical marijuana card is also illegal.

While more states legalize the use of pot, Arizona residents may wish to consult with an attorney to learn more about drug charges and how they can get help if accused of crimes involving pot. 

Source: Phoenix New Times, “Arizonans Could Cross State Lines for Legal Marijuana, but Face Risk in Bringing It Home,” Ray Stern, Nov. 14, 2016