Woman arrested for second time in two months

Many people who are arrested for and charged with drug offenses in Arizona can face a challenging road. If nothing else, reports from the media generally offer very few details and the ones that are provided can tend to cast a very negative light on defendants. This does not always accurately reflect the reality of a situation.

An example of this can be seen in the case of a woman who was recently arrested for the second time in less than two months. Little is known about the first arrest which reportedly took place at the end of September. She was charged with unspecified drug charges after a search warrant led officers to her at her residence.

This time, alleged anonymous tip-offs led officers to the woman at a hotel where she is suspected of selling methamphetamine and heroin. Upon being taken to Cochise County Jail, the 31-year-old defendant was charged with multiple drug crimes and two weapons offenses, including possession of a deadly weapon when prohibited. The weapon in question was a rifle. The drug charges were for possession of a narcotic and a dangerous drug as well as for drug paraphenalia. Her potential sentence if convicted is unknown.

When an arrest happens, Arizona residents should know that they deserve the opportunity to defend themselves. Working with an experienced attorney at this time might be a helpful thing as it can give defendants a better understanding of the charges they face.

Source: Arizona Daily Star,”Sierra Vista police arrest woman on drug, weapons violations at hotel,” Carmen Duarte, Nov. 10, 2016