Woman to appeal life sentence after evidence not allowe

Nobody in Arizona wants to be convicted of a serious crime and then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. As bad as this can be, when it happens after essential evidence is not allowed to be included in the trial, it can be even harder to accept.

Such is the plight of one woman in Arizona who says she was the victim of ongoing domestic violence at the hand of her partner. Instead of being looked upon and treated as a victim of criminal activity, she has been convicted of first degree murder for the death of the man who abused her. In Arizona, such a conviction gives judges little option in sentencing which has resulted in her being ordered to spend the rest of her life in prison without any potential for parole.

Reports indicate that the defendant plans to appeal the decision. Integral to the appeal will be the fact that an expert witness was blocked from testifying on her behalf and details about her alleged post-traumatic stress disorder related to her status as a victim of domestic violence was also not properly assessed. Her sentence also takes her out of her two young children’s lives and they are now living with their aunt in another state.

Defendants in Arizona who believe that they have been unfairly charged or convicted of crimes deserve help. Talking with an attorney may be a good way of learning what help could be available. 


Source: Arizona Daily Sun, “Domestic violence murder nets life sentence,” Michelle McManimon, Oct.30, 2016