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Destruction of weapons subject of state lawsuit

Arizona residents who are arrested and charged with crimes involving weapons no doubt have a lot of questions in their minds. What types of penalties might result from a charge? What are the ways to defend against any charges? Will I have a criminal record? In addition, people might wonder what will happen to their guns that were involved in the alleged acts.

Man held on $500,000 bond in suspected murder case

When arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona, defendants have the right to understand the charges against them and the evidence used that led to those charges. These are some of the details that may not be available or released in public reports that appear in the media. This is part of how the public can often be led by the media to draw conclusions about cases or defendants that may not always be true.

Misconduct involving weapons in Arizona

While our nation's and state's laws protect your right to own guns or other weapons, there do remain laws that govern when and where you may have or use weapons in Arizona. Without proper understanding of the law, it may be easy for you to inadvertantly be in violation of a law and even be charged with misconduct involving weapons. Following are a few things that may result in this type of charge.

Arizona drivers should be on the lookout for DUI patrols

Arizona residents who have been arrested for an impaired driving offense in the past know that the state laws are harsh and the penalties can be long-lasting. Getting a second driving while under the influence conviction is the last thing a person with a prior offense needs or wants. And, for those without prior offenses, avoiding one altogether can be an important way of preserving the ability to drive, get a job and more.