Destruction of weapons subject of state lawsuit

Arizona residents who are arrested and charged with crimes involving weapons no doubt have a lot of questions in their minds. What types of penalties might result from a charge? What are the ways to defend against any charges? Will I have a criminal record? In addition, people might wonder what will happen to their guns that were involved in the alleged acts.

In some places, weapons that are confiscated during alleged criminal activity are actually put up for sale. That, however, is not the practice that is adopted by every municipality in the state of Arizona. Instead of reselling guns that are taken from people accused of crimes, Tucson, for example, has been choosing to destroy the weapons. This choice has come under fire and has actually been the subject of a lawsuit filed by the state’s Attorney General.

The lawsuit has now made its way to the Arizona Supreme Court. The Attorney General is seeking legal action that would stop the city of Tucson from destroying confiscated semi-automatic firearms and handguns. While the suit is in progress, the city has chosen to cease the destruction of weapons until an outcome has been decided.

In the midst of serious criminal charges, working with an experienced attorney may give defendants in Arizona a chance to understand some things that they might not otherwise get informaiton about. For this reason, reaching out to a lawyer after an arrest could be an important step.

Source:, “Toss state lawsuit on guns, Tucson asks Arizona Supreme Court,” Joe Ferguson, Dec. 27, 2016